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Further developments on the details below are that Solid Stamps Ltd has now been closed down by the owner, and all staff made redundant, so they have come over to be part of the new Company.

All the metal-framed heavy duty stamps which were supplied under the name "Solid Stamps" we are able to continue supplying - they will merely have a different name on the handle.  All the pads for machines which you have previously obtained form Solid Stamps, we can continue to supply.

Custom Rubber Stamp is run by me, Bob Kelly.  I've been in the rubber stamp business for nearly 18 years following a varied career incorporating sales positions with Barclaycard, managing a Hackney Carriage Office, operating a body-shop and car repair business amongst other things.  I was initially trained by Fred Tappenden in his business November Express and I am happy to still count Fred, and his sons who now run the business, amongst my friends.  In 1998 I was invited by a business associate of Fred to set up an alternative production operation for rubber stamps and, with Fred's acquiesence, the Solid Stamps operation at New Milton was created.

Those of you who have dealt with me previously will know of my integrity, my willingness to "go the extra mile" for my customers and how much fun it can be just ordering a rubber stamp.

I successfully ran Solid Stamps until autumn of 2012 on behalf of (and despite interference from) the foreign nationals who owned 90% of the company.

I thought my many fans would miss me and it was too early to sink gracefully into retirement so decided to go into business myself, many customers thought that Solid Stamps was mine - it wasn't but Custom Rubber Stamp is - an English Company run by an Englishman paying English taxes!

The first thing to do was the web-site which is all my own work - it has taken far longer than I anticipated and is still not fully populated with products, but as always - if you don't see it, call me and, if it exists, I'll find it for you.  I know it will be a difficult path initially and ask you to be gentle and just a little patient, I assure you that the same high degree of service previously enjoyed will return when things have shaken down a bit.

I say to you - "Welcome to Custom Rubber Stamp" and I hope many of you will say "Welcome back BOB!"

Thank you



VAT No: 152 2852 23

Bank Account for BACS payments;

Nat West 52-21-34

a/c No: 2573 0746