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Ink Pads

Colop, Trodat, Shiney, Reiner, Maxlight, Alpo, Dormy - Replacement ink pads for huge variety of stamping products and...



  • Colop Ink Pads

    Ink Pads for Colop self-inking stamps

  • Trodat Ink Pads

    Trodat stamp pads are optimally loaded — they dispense just the right amount of ink to ensure the best imprints. Stamp pads are available in black, blue, red, green and violet. Trodat standard stamp inks guarantee impressions which will last many many years.

  • Reiner Ink-jet Cartridges and Pads

    Reiner replacement ink cartridges and ink pads for hand held numbering and date stamps, electronic machines.

  • Rubber Stamp Pads

    Separate ink pads for traditional rubber stamps. These can be supplied in standard colours of Black, Red, Blue, Green, Violet and also dry ones for you to add either your own ink or a specialist ink supplied by us. Some specialist inks will require pads with the cases made of metal as they can be damaging to plastics.

  • Alpo Ink Pads

    Ink pads for Alpo metal framed self-inking stamps. In their day, probably the best stamps in the world and many are still going strong many years after being supplied.

  • Rexel

    Rexel Ink Pads for: Rexel UN12, Trodat 5756, 9330BK, UN12 Number

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