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Bob's Blog

Today's Rubber Stamp Site

!!!New venture!!!

If you need a gift for that special person - particularly child oriented then check out the web-site of our personalised gifts site Meenymineymo.com.



This is my getting a bit long in the tooth now rubber stamp web-site.  It took weeks of hard work and eye-ball re-application to get this far and it is building every day but sadly doesn't get a lot of attention - please bookmark me or add me to your favorites and keep coming back - sooner or later you will need a rubber stamp and when you do I hope we'll be the ones to supply it to you.

The full range of plastic self-inking, metal self-inking, embossing stamps and ink pads are available even if they are not here yet - just call us and we'll put it up on the site or deal with your purchase directly on the phone or by email.

Not only do we do business stamps we can also do art stamps - if you have seen a design you like or it is one of your own then email it to us and we'll price it for you - there will be a heading and section for these in time, I'm planning to price according to a size template, but until then.......... If you can design it - we can make it!