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Bob's Blog

Today's Rubber Stamp Site

!!!New association!!! - If you need a gift for that special person - particularly child oriented then check out the web-site of our friends at Meenymineymo.com.  Many items can be individually personalised.



First of many, I hope.  This is my brand new (22/03/2013) rubber stamp web-site.  It has taken weeks of hard work and eye-ball re-application to get this far and it is building every day - please bookmark me or add me to your favorites and keep coming back - sooner or later you will need a rubber stamp and when you do I hope I'll be the one to supply it to you.

The full range of plastic self-inking, metal self-inking, embossing stamps and ink pads are available even if they are not here yet - just call me and I'll ensure that is the next item to be populated.

Not only do we do business stamps we can also do art stamps - if you have seen a design you like or it is one of your own then email it to us and we'll price it for you - there will be a heading and section for these in time, I'm planning to price according to a size template, but until then.......... If you can design it - we can make it!