Ever wondered what the numbers stamped on an egg indicate?

Does every egg have a unique number so that it can be tracked back to source? - Well no, every egg doesn't have a unique number but it can be tracked back to the egg producer.  The numbers are known as the DEFRA (thats the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) code so here goes:

a) the first single digiit describes how the hen which laid the egg has been farmed:

  • 0 = Organic
  • 1 = Free Range
  • 2 = Barn
  • 3 = Caged


b) the next two letters indicate the country of origin - just a few of examples here to show the idea:

  • UK = United Kingdom (surprisingly)
  • DE = Germany
  • NL = Netherlands
  • FR = France
  • PL = Poland
  • AT = Austria


c) The following 5 digits are the code of the egg producer/farmer.

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